There are lots of projects you really can do yourself!

When you become a new homeowner, you may be tempted to call a professional for every item on your to-do list. This can become very costly, fairly quickly. The good news is, there are lots of projects you can do for yourself, without too much difficulty.

  1. Painting – To make painting successful requires patience, drop cloths, quality paint, and paint applicators (think brushes and rollers). there are several videos on YouTube that can help fill you in on technique, but for the most part, if you’re interested in changing things up with paint – go for it!
  2. Fixing squeaking doors – Carefully apply lubricant to noisy hinges. Use a cloth to make sure there aren’t any drips that could potentially stain the door or the surrounding carpet or other surfaces. You’ll be surprised how much more you enjoy your home without a constant squeaking reminder that something must be fixed.
  3. Replacing and repairing screens –  Patch kits with easy-to-follow directions are sold in hardware stores across the country. They work well and when directions are followed, new homeowners can be assured of a solid fix, not an eyesore. If the tear is large enough it may require replacing the entire screen. When purchasing the materials, be sure to get a color and screening density to match your existing screens. The tools to replace the spline and the spline itself are inexpensive. They can be purchased at a local hardware store and will more than likely be right next to the patch kits…


For more information on home repairs that you can make without the need to call a professional, read the full article “11 Home Improvement  Projects You Can Do Yourself; Instead Of Hiring A Professional” on the Readers Digest Website