We’re proud to call this community our home.

And that’s just part of what we call

“The Watts Difference”

If we had to choose one word to explain what

“The Watts Difference” is all about, we’d have to say: 


We’re confident that if you look into our reputation you’ll find a long history of very happy and satisfied customers in the greater Kalamazoo, MI area. We’ve worked hard in this industry to ensure the Watts name is synonymous with thoughtfully designed and  beautifully crafted homes. We stand behind the work we’ve done in the past, the present and we won’t stop in the future. We’ve staked our reputation on it.

3 generations of the Watts family have carried on the tradition of building quality homes in our community, for 50 years. What does that say about us?

It actually says quite a bit.

  • It tells you, for five decades, our clients have put their trust in us to build their new homes.
  • They’ve gone on to recommend us to their neighbors, friends and family members too.
  • Many have trusted us to build more than one or two homes for their families.
  • It says we’ve helped hundreds of families live out their dreams of owning a new home
  • That we’ve built great relationships within our community.
  • We’ve also built solid relationships with our suppliers and sub-contractors.
  • That kind of longevity lets you know, we have a tremendous amount of experience in understanding what our customers want and need
  • It says we keep our promises; that we do what we say we will.

There’s a lot we could say, but we believe our reputation

speaks for itself.