Low Maintenance Construction!

People building new construction homes have so many options available! One new construction trend that gaining momentum is the “Low Maintenance Movement.” This revolution started with people who’d rather spend time thinking about other things. Not – “Did I seal the counter tops last year, or the year before???” This makes a lot of sense. Consider all of the advances in construction materials and techniques, not to mention technology!

low maintenance new construction options

Beginning with the exterior

  1. Beginning with the exterior, one more popular “low maintenance” option isn’t “high -tech” or even new. Brick homes have recently increased in popularity. They are definitely low maintenance, particularly when compared to wood siding, which may eventually rot, or even vinyl siding, which can experience color fade over time. Brick maintains its integrity, color and has the added bonus of being difficult to blown down…
  2. Metal roofing is not only a very stylish option, but has become virtually maintenance free! Some metal roofing products are polymer coated to ensure their vibrant color and finish will hold up against the most harsh weather conditions and last, far longer than a traditional shingle roof.
    3. Composite decking is a very low maintenance option. Today’s composite materials have come a long way from their beginnings and now have a superior aesthetic as well as fantastic durability! It doesn’t rot, chip or fade and only needs minimal cleaning. In most cases, dirt can be removed with an average garden hose. This deck option can even be given an anti-microbial coating so mold doesn’t stand a chance!
  3. The latest low maintenance idea in landscaping is “weather sensing irrigation systems.” This technology actually waters the lawn like a regular sprinkler system, but does so without your needing to do anything. It gathers local weather data and adjusts itself to water just the right amount for your specific landscape needs! Weather sensing irrigation not only makes watering the lawn a “no-brainer,” but also helps to conserve water! The only maintenance issue is an annual drain of the irrigation lines, which you’d have to do with a regular system anyway.

Moving Inside

People are rethinking the idea of “low maintenance” inside the home too! Laminate flooring has recently been redesigned to resemble plank flooring, but is far less expensive and far more easily installed! It’s a great DIY project for most homeowners! Its realistic wood texture and appearance and its tough, water resistant clear-coat mean it requires virtually no maintenance after it’s in place. Just sweep and/or dust mop and you’re good to go!

6. Finishes that might take up too much time with cleaning are being altered to give the same long lasting durability and good looks, but with far less effort. Stainless steel for example, with its shiny finish is being eclipsed by “Black Stainless Steel.” It has a matte finish and doesn’t show fingerprints, but still has that high end feel of traditional stainless!
7. And of course, the counter tops… Quartz counter tops are surpassing granite in popularity. Granite needs to be sealed, and re-sealed every so often, Quartz doesn’t require sealing or even deep cleaning!