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6 Reasons To Build A New House

luxury custom built kitchen6 Reasons to build a new house

There could be countless, personal reasons you’d choose to build a new house over purchasing an existing “used home.” Here are 6 of the top reasons our clients have told us:

Reason 1

You choose EVERYTHING! From design to paint colors, to flooring and fixtures. A new/custom home is designed around YOU!

Reason 2

You choose a location where the views suit you. Whether you’re building a new house in one of our neighborhoods, or on land you already own you’re can select the view that’s right for you! Imagine waking up to a beautiful wooded scene. Maybe your dream includes lakefront property. It’s up to you!

Reason 3

Working with a designer/architect ensures you’ll get the most from both the land and the house design.You can let the architect help you find the best features of your new home site. Maybe there’s a natural slope to the land and you’d like to have a walk out lower level.

Reason 4

Building a new home means it will be built with the most up to date and efficient products. We’ll use the most energy efficient building techniques,  insulation and appliances as well as “smart home” options! Your home will save you money on heating and cooling costs! It will also be a very comfortable interior environment all year long.

Reason 5

Another reason s to build a new/custom house –  you won’t have to worry about repairs! A new house has NEW – EVERYTHING! Repairs to an existing “used house” typically are required for three reasons. A. The home is old enough that things are just wearing out. B. The house is old enough the systems are no longer up to code C. The previous home owner didn’t take very good care of the house and it’s beginning to show.

Reason 6

Building a custom home means you can have it be just as private or open as you desire. Are you the kind of homeowner who loves chatting with your neighbors? Does the idea of quiet seclusion appeal to you? When you’re building a new/custom house, you make the call!

Would you or someone you know like to build a custom home? Give Watts Homes & construction a call at 269-345-3859 today. We’ll be happy to help!


Low Maintenance New Construction

Low Maintenance Construction!

People building new construction homes have so many options available! One new construction trend that gaining momentum is the “Low Maintenance Movement.” This revolution started with people who’d rather spend time thinking about other things. Not – “Did I seal the counter tops last year, or the year before???” This makes a lot of sense. Consider all of the advances in construction materials and techniques, not to mention technology!

low maintenance new construction options

Beginning with the exterior

  1. Beginning with the exterior, one more popular “low maintenance” option isn’t “high -tech” or even new. Brick homes have recently increased in popularity. They are definitely low maintenance, particularly when compared to wood siding, which may eventually rot, or even vinyl siding, which can experience color fade over time. Brick maintains its integrity, color and has the added bonus of being difficult to blown down…
  2. Metal roofing is not only a very stylish option, but has become virtually maintenance free! Some metal roofing products are polymer coated to ensure their vibrant color and finish will hold up against the most harsh weather conditions and last, far longer than a traditional shingle roof.
    3. Composite decking is a very low maintenance option. Today’s composite materials have come a long way from their beginnings and now have a superior aesthetic as well as fantastic durability! It doesn’t rot, chip or fade and only needs minimal cleaning. In most cases, dirt can be removed with an average garden hose. This deck option can even be given an anti-microbial coating so mold doesn’t stand a chance!
  3. The latest low maintenance idea in landscaping is “weather sensing irrigation systems.” This technology actually waters the lawn like a regular sprinkler system, but does so without your needing to do anything. It gathers local weather data and adjusts itself to water just the right amount for your specific landscape needs! Weather sensing irrigation not only makes watering the lawn a “no-brainer,” but also helps to conserve water! The only maintenance issue is an annual drain of the irrigation lines, which you’d have to do with a regular system anyway.

Moving Inside

People are rethinking the idea of “low maintenance” inside the home too! Laminate flooring has recently been redesigned to resemble plank flooring, but is far less expensive and far more easily installed! It’s a great DIY project for most homeowners! Its realistic wood texture and appearance and its tough, water resistant clear-coat mean it requires virtually no maintenance after it’s in place. Just sweep and/or dust mop and you’re good to go!

6. Finishes that might take up too much time with cleaning are being altered to give the same long lasting durability and good looks, but with far less effort. Stainless steel for example, with its shiny finish is being eclipsed by “Black Stainless Steel.” It has a matte finish and doesn’t show fingerprints, but still has that high end feel of traditional stainless!
7. And of course, the counter tops… Quartz counter tops are surpassing granite in popularity. Granite needs to be sealed, and re-sealed every so often, Quartz doesn’t require sealing or even deep cleaning!


What You Really Want In A New House

Popular Features


Board and Batten exteriors are a very popular “new house” trend. It is frequently paired with a more standard looking horizontal vinyl siding. The mix provides a contemporary/cottage or farmhouse feel.

Patios & Decks have always been popular. Now they appear to be a new homeowner “must have!” With the majority of our “devices” being mobile, we’re spending more time with them, outside… Patios and decks are the perfect place to catch up on emails, text friends, relax with an e-book or even entertain.

Kitchens that include the out of doors. Having a kitchen/dining room with a view is great. Having a kitchen/dining room with access to the patio or deck is better. Much better! It is one of the most requested design elements of 2019.


So what’s popular on the inside of today’s new house?

Open concept floor plans are preferred to their more traditional, sectioned out counterparts.


Color in cabinets. White cabinetry is still the favorite of our clients. Recently, we’ve seen color incorporated into kitchens and baths with painted cabinets. Some folks select painted cabinets for an entire room. Others have opted for one cabinet (typically an island in the kitchen) to anchor and accent the room with color.

Stainless is still on top. Stainless steel is still the most requested finish for appliances.

Counter tops in quartz. Manufactured quartz countertops have become all the rage. Quartz is a great alternative to granite. It’s very durable and allows for endless color selections. We are also still seeing a lot of granite installed in our new house s.

Brass is back! We’ve seen a recent uptick in the selection of brass fixtures over the previously trending “silver and/or nickle” tones.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring  or “LVP.” This is an excellent option for areas of the home that would do well with water resistance. It is frequently selected for the kitchen and bathrooms. That being said, it has been well used as the flooring option throughout the entire house. It comes in a variety of widths, colors and finishes.

The “smart-house” effect.smart tech in a new houseThe rise of the smart house is not exactly new. It’s just that now it’s become the norm. People want their homes to be as connected and convenient as their devices. It’s no longer enough to have a programmable thermostat, it must also be capable of learning your personal routine, in order to better serve your needs. The refrigerator can now send you a note when you’re out of milk. The oven turns itself on and off; and everyone of them is in contact with your virtual assistant!

All that really matters when building a new house is what YOU need to be happy. Give us a call today at 269-345-3859. We’ll be happy to help.


Avoid These Mortgage Process Mistsakes

Mistakes To Avoid During The Mortgage Process

When applying for a mortgage, it’s important to avoid the pitfalls that could delay or even stop you from being able to achieve your dream of home Mortgage Process Mistakes to avoidownership.

As you might expect, just about everything related to your finances and credit rating need to be at their best before applying for a mortgage. During the process, you will want to avoid these potential mistakes:

  1. Don’t apply for new credit cards, loans or co-sign a loan for someone else!
  2. Don’t quit your job or even change jobs for that matter during your mortgage application process.
  3. If there is an unavoidable change in your employment status, don’t wait to speak with your loan officer. The sooner the better!
  4. Don’t write any insufficient funds checks! While this is never a good idea, it’s particularly bad when in the process of a mortgage approval.
  5. Be sure to maintain financial transparency – don’t make any deposits that can’t be linked to a reasonable source, for a reasonable purpose.
  6. Don’t make any large withdrawals from your bank accounts – unless they are scheduled payments, or can be shown to be immediately necessary. Replace the funds as soon as possible if a withdrawal is necessary.
  7. Don’t make any changes in your credit card limits, either increases or decreases.


If you avoid these potential mistakes, your mortgage application process will run much more smoothly!

Visit our “Home Building Process” page for more information on building a home with Watts Homes & Construction.

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New Home Owner Helpful Hints

There are lots of projects you really can do yourself!

When you become a new home owner, you may be tempted to call a professional for just about every item on your to-do list. This can become very costly, fairly quickly. The good news is, there are lots of projects you can do for yourself, without too much difficulty.

  1. Painting – To make painting successful requires patience, drop cloths, quality paint and paint applicators (think brushes and rollers). there are several videos on YouTube that can help fill you in on technique, but for the most part, if you’re interested in changing things up with paint – go for it!
  2. Fixing squeaking doors – Carefully apply lubricant to noisy hinges. Use a cloth to make sure there aren’t any drips that could potentially stain the door or the surrounding carpet or other surfaces. You’ll be surprised how much more you enjoy your home without a constant squeaking reminder that something must be fixed.
  3. Replacing and/or repairing screens –  Patch kits with easy to follow directions are sold in hardware stores across the country. They work well and when directions are followed, new home owner s can be assured of solid fix, not an eyesore. If the tear is large enough it may  require replacing the entire screen. When purchasing the materials, be sure to get a color and screening density to match your existing screens. The tools to replace the spline as well as the spline itself are fairly inexpensive. They can be purchased at a local hardware store and will more than likely be right next to the patch kits…


For more information on home repairs that you can make without the need to call a professional, read the full article “11 Home Improvement  Projects You Can Do Yourself; Instead Of Hiring A Professional” at the Readers Digest Website


Welcome To Our New Construction Website

Welcome To The New Watts Homes & Construction Website!

We are very excited to announce our newly redesigned Watts Homes & Construction website! The site has been organized to make it easier for our customer.

Under the COMPANY tab you’ll find information about how we work with our clients. We’ve added information about our team and testimonials. We hope you’ll enjoy reading what our past clients have to say about us.

Our COMMUNITIES tab gives you links to information about our neighborhoods. You can also access info on custom design/build homes.

The SERVICES page provides information about the types of work we do. From Building Communities to Building Commercial Construction.

The AVAILABLE HOMES tab will take you to our a listing of currently available homes. Under that you’ll find our homes currently under construction.

Our AVAILABLE SITES tab provides you with up to date plat maps of our neighborhoods. These will tell you which home sites are available to build on in each of our neighborhoods.

The OPEN HOUSE tab takes you to our events calendar. Here you’ll see our upcoming open houses.

The NEWS & INFO tab is where you’ll find our Blog. We’ll also post any news and announcements there.

The CONTACT tab takes you to our contact  page with all of our pertinent contact information and an information request form that allows us to better serve you by getting you the specific information you’re interested in.

We hope you’ll find our new site easy to navigate. If you have any questions or comments, please contact our Marketing Director, Deborah LaBelle at 269-345-2859 x203 or by email at: marketing@mywattshome.com