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When you're building a new house, you may need to work with a lender. For your convenience we have included a list of items that financial institutions frequently require to complete a loan application.  Please note: This list contains general information. It is not meant to be financial advice. The items listed do not constitute and "exhaustive list," so please check with your lender to be sure you'll be able to provide all of their specific requirements.

Loan Application Checklist

  • Drivers license or other ID
  • Residence address for the past two years
  • Name & address of each employer for the past two years & W-2's
  • Gross monthly salary & current pay stubs for last 30 days
  • Social Security number(s)
  • 3 months bank statements
  • Names, addresses, account #'s, balances & monthly payments of all open loans
  • Address of other real estate owned
  • Money for credit report & appraisal

As always, you may use any lender you choose when purchasing real estate.

Watts Homes & Construction recommends using a local lender. This provides speed and convenience. A local lender will also be able to give you face to  face communication during and after the purchase of your home is complete.  As construction loans are a little different than standard mortgages, we have included a list of lenders our customers have used and recommend.

Lender List

Bank Address Contact Phone
Mercantile Bank 107 W. Michigan Ave

Kalamazoo MI 49007

Jim Kingsley 269-270-4516
Independent Bank 1090 N. 10th St., Ste 210

Kalamazoo MI 49009

AJ Harma 269-569-7238
Lake Michigan Credit Union 435 S. Westnedge Ave

Kalamazoo MI 49007

Audrey Andrews 269-978-6120
Lake Michigan Credit Union 435 S. Westnedge Ave

Kalamazoo MI 49007

Betty Murphy 269-358-4036
Lake Michigan Credit Union 487 S. Drake

Kalamazoo MI 49009

John Rader 269-978-6144
Arbor Financial Credit Union 5991 Gull Road

Kalamazoo MI 49048

John Hatridge 269-501-8203
Northpointe Bank 3275 W. Centre Avenue

Portage MI 49024

Dustin Louwaert 269-492-5749

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