Hunter’s Creek Association Documents


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Model homes are available for private showings.  Call Watts Homes & Construction at 269-345-3859 or Don Scherzinger 269-303-1502 to schedule.

BUY-IN-FEE: $800

ASSOCIATION DUES: $3,800 total per year (2 payments of $1,900.00). Collected in two installments, January & July of each year & includes:

  • Clubhouse maintenance
  • Road maintenance
  • Snow removal – streets, driveways, sidewalks
  • Lawn maintenance – mowing, trimming, weeding
  • Sprinkling system maintenance
  • Weekly waste removal
  • Hunter’s Run association dues
  • Maintenance of neighborhood sign
  • Reserve fund
  • Insurance – common areas, condo structure & liability

Association is managed by:
Parkview Hills Management Company


  • Joy Watts 269-345-3859 x 202 or email Joy
  • Matt Watts 269-345-3859 x 204 or email Matt
  • Don Scherzinger 269-303-1502
Welcome to Hunter’s Creek Condominiums!
Insurance Tips
  • Your personal insurance can be either condo insurance (which always comes with a small amount of structural coverage) or renter’s insurance (same, except no structural coverage). Renter’s insurance is typically more expensive, so it usually makes sense to purchase condo insurance.
  • Make sure you have enough personal liability insurance to cover your assets. Even though the Association would be liable for most accidents on the outside of your condo, if your grandson left marbles on the sidewalk and someone slipped, you could be held responsible. You may want to consider an umbrella liability policy.
  • Your condo insurance should include coverage for a place to live if your condo was destroyed. This is not covered by the Association policy.
  • Flooding is not covered. This includes water leaching into the basement. A broken pipe, however, would be covered.