How Much Square Footage Do I Need?

How many square feet do you really need?

This is a big question to consider when you're building a new house. So think about it... how many square feet will you really need to be comfortable? After all, if you can't be comfortable at home, where can you? Comfort is a very individualized idea.

While larger homes will provide you with more space, more bedrooms, bathrooms, larger living rooms and even some rooms you may not know what to do with... they also cost more to build, more to heat and cool and it may not foster that sense of "closeness" with friends and family that a smaller home might provide. Smaller homes also require fewer furnishings, and they are easier to clean.

Larger homes have their charms too. When you have more space, you're typically able to give yourself a little alone time more easily. You can get away from family members by retreating to your own space. That can be very handy whether you're a couple or raising a family. Kids (and adults too, for that matter) can find comfort in escaping to their rooms. It can be much nicer than having to leave the house just to get some peace and quiet. To say nothing of how easy entertaining can be when you have enough room for people to relax and mingle.

How many square feet are needed if the design is right?

Instead of focusing on the number of square feet, take a look at the design and flow of the house. Imagine having several large bedrooms all in a row on one floor- possibly more than you need. Then think about what it would be like if the floor plan had three or four moderately sized bedrooms, split by a spacious great room. The master suite set on one side of the house and two bedrooms divided by a bathroom on the other. If you need a fourth bedroom, perhaps adding it to a finished lower level.

Consider combining the laundry room, rear entry and a pantry in the same space, located off the kitchen. Much like the location of the house itself, the location of the home's interior amenities make a tremendous difference in how many square feet you'll actually need.

It's always a good idea to look at your lifestyle as a whole when designing and building a new home. Make the spaces that are most important to you the most easy to use and enjoy. If you're crazy about cooking, don't pinch yourself into a kitchen that won't have all the cabinet space you'll want; just to have another bedroom you probably won't use. If you have a thing for shoes, make sure you have ample closet space and good lighting rather than a built in book case in the hall.

There's no real rule to follow

When all is said and done, there really isn't an average or a "rule of thumb" that you need to follow when determining how many square feet to build. The only hard and fast rule you need to be concerned with is your level of comfort.

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