Experienced Home Builders Near Me?

Have you been asking your phone for "Experienced Home Builders Near Me?"

A severe shortage of existing homes for sale in our area will have lots of people searching for a builder this year. Don't get caught hiring someone without the knowledge that only comes with years of experience. Better yet, look for a builder that has generations of experience!

Watts Homes & Construction is a third generation builder in the greater Kalamazoo, MI area.

Check our our history!

Over the last nearly fifty years, we've carried on the tradition of building quality homes in our community.

What does all that experience say about us? Actually, it says a lot. It tells you, for nearly five decades, our clients have put their trust in us to build their new homes. They’ve gone on to recommend us to their neighbors, friends and family members too.

It says we’ve helped hundreds of families live out their dreams of owning a new home. And that we’ve built great relationships within this community.

That kind of longevity lets you know, we have a tremendous amount of experience in understanding what our customers want and need in a new house. It says we keep our promises; that we do what we say we will.

If you or someone you know is thinking of building a house, give the experienced team at Watts Homes & Construction a call at 269-345-3859! We will be happy to help.



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