Building A House In The Winter

Home builders don't hibernate all winter!

Is it alright to build a house in the winter? Absolutely!

We thought you might have wondered - is it alright to build a house in winter? ABSOLUTELY! Many people think home builders hibernate all winter. This is not the case for Watts Homes & Construction. We are busy year round. Construction in the cold is no problem.

Building a house in the winter requires good planning!

Careful planning of the building schedule of a new house is VERY important! For instance, cement work should not be attempted in certain weather conditions. Extreme cold can affect the curing process and cause issues with your foundation later on. No one wants that! For the homes we build during the winter, we make sure the foundation work is taken care of - when the weather won't cause problems.

Some people believe that snow will delay progress on building a house. This is not usually the case. Work on the exterior of your new house can be done when it's in the 20°s. People in the building trades, who work outdoors in Michigan, are very well versed in staying warm! Progress on the inside of the house can be done in the lower temperatures after the house has a proper vapor barrier wrapped around it. It's possible a blizzard could slow construction crews down. Even in that case, it's easier to tarp a house to keep it safe from too much snow than it is to tarp for heavy rain like you could get in the spring.

A Few Benefits!

There are actually a few benefits to building a house in the winter. For one thing, fewer homes are being built. This means people working in permit offices and building inspectors are not as busy as they are in the spring. This makes it much easier for them to get your house taken care of.

Another benefit many people may don't consider is landscaping! No - nobody is recommending landscaping in the winter. However, if your house is finishing up in the spring, you can get a jump on having a beautifully landscaped yard! If you're just starting the process in spring, your yard will be torn up during the best time of year to put in sod, shrubs and flowers.

If you or someone you know is thinking of building a new home, regardless of the season, give us a call at 269-345-3859. We will be happy to help.


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