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Watts Homes & Construction Begins Our New Video Series!

Watts Homes & Construction, one of the Kalamazoo MI area's premiere custom home builders, has begun a new video series featuring answers to some of the most common, and not so common questions our readers have about building the home of their dreams. We're calling it "Watts Homes & Construction Presents..."

In an effort to give you information that is important to you, we will be producing videos on a wide variety of new home building construction and real estate trends. In our first video, we invite you to let us know what you'd like to know about the construction and real estate industries.

If you have a question you'd like to ask about building a new house or what's happening in real estate in your area, please leave contact us at info@mywattshome.com or stop by our facebook page and private message us or leave a comment. 

And now -  Watts Homes Presents... An introduction.


atts Homes & Construction doesn’t just build beautiful homes; we’re committed to giving our clients the best building experience possible – period.

What makes Watts Homes & Construction different from other builders? We view building your new home as a privilege; and an experience you should be able to enjoy.

  • We are available to our clients. If you have questions, concerns, new ideas, floorplan changes or just want to discuss your house - we are available. Listening to you is how we ensure we're building you a house you'll love living in.
  • We keep your interests at the forefront of the entire process. That meaClient-Centered-building-experience2ns planning for what you want today and what you may want or need several years from now.
  • We look at "problems" as "creative solutions in waiting." Our design team is cool like that.
  • We work closely with our subcontractors and
    suppliers so we're up always to date on what's new, trending and what will actually add value to your new home.
  • We value our clients. We know the best way to stay in business is keep you happy. We think the best way to do that is to 1. Surpass your expectations in our finished product - A.K.A your new home and 2. Make the experience one you'd enjoy repeating.

Are you or someone you know thinking of building a new home? Give us a call today at 269-345-3859

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