Lets Talk About Outdoor Lighting!

Outdoor Lighting can give your home ambiance!

When done right, outdoor lighting can add a lots of ambiance to your home. It also adds elements such as security, safety and even additional interior ambient lighting. When designing an outdoor lighting plan, begin with how the light will be used.

Do you want to brighten up a walkway? Ample lighting along paths leading up to the house will prevent the majority of tripping falls. (Obviously, nothing will prevent every instance of falling). Lights on outdoor steps, around railings, decks and patios is critical to maintaining safety. Be sure swimming pools and water features are also clearly lit. Leaving these dark can pose serious threats to safety.


Image via www.sanjesh.us

Home security is another element to work into your outdoor plan. Motion sensor lights can be positioned in both high and low areas. By doubling up on the light that is generated by movement in the yard, you double up the noticeability of whatever is moving. Keep the sensitivity and height of motion sensors in mind. You don't want to end up annoying your neighbors every time the wind blows.

If you stay true to your personal style, outdoor lighting can be beautiful! Look at the area you're trying to brighten up and keep it's purpose in mind. Then get creative and have fun!


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