A Custom Home – A Custom Laundry Room

Your custom home deserves a customized laundry room!

A laundry room should be planned with just as much care and attention to detail as the rest of the custom home you're designing. Granted when you think of doing laundry, it doesn't conjure up notions of throwing glamorous parties or relaxing in a master suite that feels like a private oasis... However having clean laundry when you want it shouldn't be underrated.

When designing this very important room in your new house, consider your laundry needs.

  1. How often does laundry get done in your household?
  2. How many people will actually be using the laundry vs. how many people are actually living in the house?
  3. What kind of appliances will you need to make this chore a breeze - high efficiency? large capacity?
  4. Will you need more than one washer or dryer?
  5. How much counter and cabinet space do need?
  6. Is there a need for a garment rack or hanging rod?
  7. How about ironing - drop down board, or fold up and put away?
  8. Will the family pets be spending any time in the laundry? Do you want it to double as a "dog washing station?"
  9. How about having a separate half bath in the laundry room
  10. Would having a television or stereo system make doing laundry easier?
  11. Do you want to add a wine refrigerator? a big soft recliner chair? As you can see, the possibilities are endless...

With a little planning, doing the laundry doesn't have to quite so chore-ish. You might find yourself actually looking forward to it.

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