Stages of New Construction

There are many steps involved in building a new construction home. However, most follow a five phase process.

The first phase

of  a new construction home (after actual site preparations such as excavating, grading the lot, installing the basic plumbing and of course getting it approved by the appropriate local government inspectors, etc.) is the foundation.  The cement foundations of the basement, porch and garage are poured in this phase.

New Construction Home Process

Phase two:

is the framing. This is when the structure actually begins to take shape. The interior and exterior walls go up and any stairs will be put in place. Timing is important to get the structure protected from the elements. The outside sheathing goes on; the roof will be put on and outside windows and doors will be put in.

Phase three:

is the functional systems phase. Once the exterior and interior walls are put in place, systems like plumbing, water, waste removal, heating and cooling and electrical systems are put into place.  Each part of this phase requires the appropriate government agency approval before moving on to phase four.

Phase four:

 usually goes pretty quickly – the insulation and drywall phase. Walls and floors get insulated, paying careful attention to the systems that were put in place in phase three. Once the insulation is in place, drywall is done.

Phase five:

is the finish line phase! Everything that is not part of the basic structure gets addressed in this phase. This is when all the flooring and finishes you selected while waiting to get to this stage begin to show up. Cabinets, counter tops, and drawer knobs, tile selections, bathtubs, light fixtures, mirrors and appliances – everything right down to the landscaping in the yard gets done in this phase! Once the final inspections are signed off on and a the whole place is polished and cleaned, you can call it home!